Wealth Accumulation Life Cycle


The Financial Planning Life Cycle is an aid which aims to demonstrate and explain the different stages of Financial Planning. Whilst not every individual or family has identical financial planning requirements, they will share certain commonalities. For example the need to protect yourself and your family against risk, accumulate wealth, manage your wealth effectively, distribute your wealth and eventually, to provide for an orderly transition of your assets.

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Objective 1

Protect yourself and your family against risk.

  1. Emergency cash fund -Ensure that you have an adequate level of cash at hand.

  2. Wealth Protection - Acquire an adequate mix of insurance that will protect you, your family and/ or business.
Objective 2

Financial security for yourself and your family.

The objective is to provide adequate financial security without placing undue stress on your resources to cause financial crisis.

  1. General Savings - Saving Today for a Better Tomorrow

  2. School fee planning - Give your Children a Headstart in Life

  3. Retirement Planning - Secure the Future you Deserve

  4. Purchasing property - International Property Invesment

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