Strategic Alliances

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Bob Morrison is a Registered NAPFA Member. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is the largest professional association of comprehensive, Fee-Only financial planners in the United States. With 2,000+ members and affiliates, the members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) subscribe to the following fiduciary oath:

The Advisor shall exercise his / her best efforts to act in good faith and in the best interest of the client.

The Advisor shall provide written disclosure to the client prior to the engagement of the advisor, and thereafter throughout the term of the engagement, of any conflicts of interest, which will reasonably compromise the impartiality or independence of the advisor.

The Advisor, or any part in which the advisor has a financial interest, does not receive any compensation or other remuneration that is contingent on any client's purchase or sale of a financial product.

The advisor does not receive a fee or other compensation from another party based on the referral of a client or the client's business.

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Garrett Planning Network

Bob Morrison is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, Inc. (GPN), a nationwide network of fee-only financial advisors. GPN members are dedicated to providing competent, unbiased financial advice to people from all walks of life, on an hourly as-needed basis. Less than 1% of the nation's financial planning firms are structured this way.

Many financial advisors accept clients only if they meet certain income and net worth requirements. GPN members believe, however, that professional, unbiased financial advice is something all Americans need, at least periodically, to build the brightest financial futures. Holding to this philosophy, GPN members offer the same quality, professional advice to all clients, not just the affluent.

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American Institute of CPAs

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the world's largest association representing the accounting profession, with nearly 370,000 members in 128 countries. AICPA members represent many areas of practice, including business and industry, public practice, government, education and consulting; membership is also available to accounting students and CPA candidates. The AICPA sets ethical standards for the profession and U.S. auditing standards for audits of private companies, non-profit organizations, federal, state and local governments. It develops and grades the Uniform CPA Examination.

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Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning experts in the U.S. and includes professionals from all backgrounds and business models. We help connect thousands of consumers to competent and ethical planners who uphold the FPA Standard of Care.

FPA members are those who commit to the highest standards of professional competence, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure to those they serve. They deliver advice using an objective, client-centered, ethical process. FPA membership consists of financial planners and all those who support the financial planning process. FPA's nationwide network of nearly 100 chapters encourage professional development and networking on a local level.

FPA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are charged with helping the organization reach its Primary Aim while upholding the organization's bylaws. The Association's staff is dedicated to creating an unparalleled membership experience. FPA seeks staff who embody the organization's Core Values.

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